Craneridge Pool and Playground Opening Member Notification

Welcome back to summer. Looking forward to providing safe fun in the sun. The pool and playground equipment will open on Saturday, June 20.   

The Craneridge pool provides American Red Cross Trained Lifeguards with CPR training as a level 2 pool during business hours.

Business hours of operation are:
Sunday – Wednesday 11am-7pm
Thursday – Saturday 11am-9pm
Water Aerobics every day:  10am-11am (all are welcome)

Swimming is prohibited outside of open business hours and when a lifeguard is not on duty.

We will close due to inclement weather and COVID-19 related issues for deep cleaning. Lifeguards will be on an increased cleaning schedule to high touch surface areas, no swimming allowed during sanitization time.

COVID-19 protocols: 

  • All members adult/children to bring their own personal face mask.
    • To be used if social distancing of 6’ cannot be maintained.
    • Masks should never be worn while swimming in the pool.
    • Mask waivers allowed for medical conditions and children under 2.
  • Entrance Gate is located on the parking lot side. Exit is on the shelter side.
    • Wash hands upon entry.
    • Stop at the check-in table. A touchless QR scannable code is available for use with a smartphone if desired.
      • Register all names
      • House Lot Number
      • Time Entering the pool area
      • Phone Number
    • This information is important to the NYSDOH for COVID-19 contact tracing, and pool usage per NYSDOH regulations.
  • If swimming, please rise off under shower.
    • Middle shower is blocked off.
  • Walking is one-way direction clockwise around the pool deck. Please follow directional arrows.
  • Bathrooms to be used one person or one household group at a time.
    • Bathrooms will be on an increased cleaning schedule, and sanitizing product will be able for your use.
  • Our water fountain is closed at this time.
  • Everything is carry-in and carry-out. This includes pool toys and towels.
    • When members are leaving please remember, carry-out all towels, personal items, clean your area. Items left behind may be disposed of by pool staff.
  • No shared items, i.e. kids pool vests, toys.
  • No shared refrigerator or admission inside the pool maintenance club house.
  • The pool deck has been designed and re-spaced to maintain social distancing 6’ for all HOA members.
  • Areas are marked with blue tape along the pool deck.
    • Do not remove tape marking on the pool deck. Please do not move pool deck furniture, ask the lifeguard.
    • Please select a taped off section.
  • Pool deck is limited to household groups no larger than 10.
    • We have 5 household areas set up, single lounge chairs 6’ apart, one couple area, and one medical reserve area.
    • Deck furniture will be sanitized every morning and between household use.
    • Please help the lifeguards, by using sanitation products available and wiping deck furniture upon leaving.
  • Pool bathers are limited to 50% capacity (16 people) and maintain 6’ part from other bathers who are not in your household.
  • Please sign out when leaving, this is important for contact tracing. Exit gate is located on the shelter side. 


  • Larger household groups, (up to 10 person max) should select a table area.
  • Individuals should use lounge chairs. 
  • If you want more space or need to be out of the sun we recommend setting up under shelter. 
  • If you have advanced swimmers,  sit towards the deep end. Younger swimmers or those that need the stairs to enter the pool should sit towards the shallow end. There is one section under the pool house eave, please reserve for those with medical conditions who cannot be out in the sun. This area will also be used for the lifeguard breaks. 
  • To limit community exposure Pool, use is limited to only Craneridge HOA members and family. 
  • No large group parties are allowed  i.e. birthday, graduation, retirement during COVID-19.
  • Shared time for all members
    • If we reach full capacity, and another member wishes to use the pool, the lifeguard reserves the right to request groups who have been longest to leave.

 Lifeguards reserve the right to ask members to leave for noncompliance with any NYS Dept. of health, social distancing and COVID-19 regulations.