Next Board Meeting: MONDAY, May 3 @ 6:45 pm – Online ZOOM Meeting

NOTE: This meeting will be held online via ZOOM and is open to all community members. This meeting is password protected. To obtain the link and password for the online meeting, please log into the Craneridge Homeowners page:

Meeting Information:
Craneridge Board of Directors
MONDAY, May 3, 2021
6:45 pm – Online Zoom Meeting


  1. Public Comments
  2. Minutes of April Meeting Approval
  3. Minutes of April Special Finance Meeting Approval
  4. Officer Reports:
    • President’s Report
    • Vice President’s Report
    • Secretary’s Report
    • Treasurer/Finance Report
      • Approval of Treasurer Report
  5. Strategic Planning Topic: By-Law Changes
  6. Executive Secretary Report
  7. Committee Reports (Architecture, Maintenance, Pool, Recreation Complex, Social, Woodlands, Communication, Lighting, Welcoming & Bylaws)
  8. Old Business:  
    • BOD expiring terms – Candidates
    • Archive of Decisions and Motions
    • Annual Meeting preparation & confirmation of activities
    • Garage Sale
  9. New Business:

FYI: Please e-mail the Executive Secretary for the Homeowners page password:

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