Bylaws, Covenants & Policies

Craneridge is a Home Owners Association (HOA).

An HOA is typically established to make and enforce rules regarding the properties within the jurisdiction. An HOA is comprised of–and run by–the community’s residents. Membership in an HOA is usually a requirement to buy a home within a community where an HOA has been established. Those who purchase property within an HOA’s jurisdiction automatically become members and are required to pay dues, known as HOA fees. Run by a member-lead and volunteer-based board of directors, homeowner associations (HOAs) typically collect monthly or annual fees to pay for common area maintenance and the upkeep of facilities.

The Benefits of Living in
an HOA…

Architectural Controls – Craneridge has a unique look and feel and with that, members are required to submit for approval, any modification projects to the exterior of their home. The Architectural Committee reviews each submittal to ensure consistency and continuity with original community design standards.

Increased Community Engagement – Our Community gatherings and activities such as Movies in the Meadow or holiday themed pool shelter parties bring neighbors closer together.

Access to Amenities – Craneridge features a swimming pool, pool shelter,  barbecue pits, horseshow pits, meadow shelter and fire pit, basketball and volleyball courts, a playground, and open fields at the meadow that are all available to members in good standing use.

Increased Community Pride – Community activities and events help bring neighbors together, which increases pride within the community.

Rules and Regulations– Each member that owns a home in the community is held to the same set of standards for the upkeep of the exterior of their home.

Community Bonding and Communication among Neighbors – A great way to make new friends and offer a great sense of community.

Helps Maintain Property Values – One of the HOA board’s main responsibilities is to maintain or increase the property values within the community. They do this by looking after the community with great care.

Links to the Rules and Regulations: