Gypsy Moths, Wooly Adelgid, and Jumping Worms… Oh My! Wednesday Webcast

Like many trees and habitats in the northeast, Craneridge is being impacted by invasive insects and other critters that are severely damaging entire species like Emerald Ash Borer. Our most prominent trees, Beech and Eastern Hemlock, are at risk. Learn how to ID and actions to take. Winter is an ideal time to identify. BONUS:Continue reading “Gypsy Moths, Wooly Adelgid, and Jumping Worms… Oh My! Wednesday Webcast”

Two new STOP SIGNS installed in Craneridge today

Over the past year, there has been a noticeable increase in the number of cares/vehicles speeding within Craneridge. In September, the BOD discussed some possible traffic calming initiatives. The BOD recently worked with the Concord Highway Superintendent Barry Edwards to install TWO (2) new STOP signs in Craneridge. To help slow traffic in the community:Continue reading “Two new STOP SIGNS installed in Craneridge today”


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