Circular Lots

In Craneridge, most of the home lots are round with space between each lot. This common ground is left natural and provides for wonderful views of the outside from within each house. In fact, in many cases you cannot see another house from yours but you have the confidence that a neighbor is there if you need help or need to borrow a cup of sugar.

Enhance our living environment through woodlands stewardship, shared property maintenance, and community building.


 A community of friendly, caring, and respectful neighbors who cooperate with each other to maintain the health of the woodlands and grow the value of both our properties and our friendships.

Keeping Craneridge Unique

The Craneridge Homeowners Association has some of the most interesting properties in Western New York with our circular lots, the surrounding woodlands, proximity to Sprague Brook Park, Kissing Bridge, and the surrounding Town of Concord, as well as our common properties, community pool, and shared amenities.